Rainbow World Art is a small family business and labour of love. It grew out of our fascination with the weird and wonderful.

Our team:


James is a Fine Art graduate from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. He has worked in a number of different trades including graphic design, web design, illustration and IT support. James spends his spare time playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading comics and sharpening his Magic the Gathering skills.

His favorite food is pizza and claims he could eat it every day.


Lily is part artist and part academic. As well as working for Rainbow World, she teaches Hebrew and Yiddish, and is currently working on a linguistic analysis of 19th-century Hasidic Hebrew grammar. Lily grew up in the redwood forests of Northern California and loves being surrounded by animals and nature.   In Lily’s spare time, she likes to study languages, read detective novels and go on nature walks.

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